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Nickel-cadmium battery DC screen

Overview of the BZGN-10K(S) model

BZGN-10K(S) type cadmium nickel battery DC screen is our factory summed up many years of manufacturing experience, collected hundreds of substation operation records, widely solicit the design and use of unit opinions, in view of the current domestic similar products common problems and design a new generation of products。

It is suitable for small and medium-sized power plants, substations and power distribution rooms of industrial and mining enterprises as the on-off power supply and control circuit, relay protection, signal circuit and DC power supply for accident lighting。

Overview of the BZGN-10Z(S) model

Our company according to market needs,Combined with the characteristics of GNZ battery,Extensive research and solicit user opinions,BZGN-10Z(S) series curium nickel battery DC power supply panel was developed,It is a high performance DC power supply without power outage,With high reliability,Long life,Allows wide ambient temperature range and low output internal resistance,Wide capacity range (75-500Ah),Can withstand large accident load and impact load,Easy maintenance,Strong set,Pollution-free ring。

Basic parameters, technical indicators

1) Rated input AC voltage :380±15%V, frequency :50±10%Hz

2) Rated DC output voltage :220V, 110V

3) Rated DC output current :8, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50A

4) Rated capacity of battery: Rated capacity :10Ah-500Ah

5 DC bus insulation resistance is not less than 10MΩ;Insulation strength power frequency 2KV, withstand voltage within 1min no breakdown

6) Stability accuracy ≤1%

7) Steady flow accuracy ≤2%

8) Ripple coefficient ≤2%

9) Noise ≤55dB

10) Cabinet size: 2200mm×800(1000, 1200)mm×600(800)mm

                    2300mm x 800(1000, 1200mm) x 600(800)mm

Working principle

There are two sets of three-phase thyristor rectifier devices in the DC screen of cadmium-nickel battery。The 1# rectifier operates in a voltage regulator mode,Power is supplied directly to the control bus,The 2# rectifier can operate in a steady current mode,Responsible for the main charge and floating charge of the battery pack,The battery pack supplies power directly to the closing bus,The storage group supplies power to the controller by reducing the voltage of the silicon chain,To ensure that the control bus maintains voltage continuity under all conditions。

Main feature

1, the use of three-phase full control bridge rectifier to replace the traditional products in the ferromagnetic saturation type main charging machine, floating charging machine, to overcome the traditional product voltage, stable flow accuracy is low, large noise, high temperature rise shortcomings。

2, the standby channel is automatically input by a contactless switch。

3, this series of DC screen to charge the battery charging mode, the early constant current, the late constant voltage, and can realize the automatic conversion of charging state。

4, this series of DC screen with automatic current stability, automatic voltage regulation, current limiting, short circuit protection and overvoltage protection functions。

5, the whole machine can output the bus voltage level, bus grounding, charger fault signal contact。

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